Why Do People Donate Sperm? What Are Its Benefits?

SingaporeFreezing your sperm may seem like an unethical thing if it were brought on the table a hundred years ago, but in today’s view, it possesses several tangible and intangible benefits for humanity. Some men chose to freeze their sperm from a young age because they fear that they are unable to produce better quality sperm to produce healthier babies as they grow older.

This problem has even come to the attention of conservative eastern nations like Singapore and Malaysia, which responded with sperm bank singapore and Malaysia’s creation. Even though sperm banks are legal in those countries, they aren’t exactly widely publicized and promoted because it is not easy to qualify to be a sperm donor. Doctors will conduct health screening to see if the sperm’s quality is satisfactory before permitting the donation.

Why Donate Sperm?

Frozen Sperm

People have their own modus operandi or motive when they donate sperm. You may ask questions like “why donate sperm” or “what purpose donating sperm has?” out of curiosity and the main reason behind the selfless act is to give infertile couples or same-sex couples the chance to be proud parents. Other motives might be for the donors themselves to either obtain monetary payment, save their sperm from being conceived now, or as simple as to relieve themselves. Whatever the motives behind their donation, it is undeniable that their donation helps make someone’s life better.

Advantages of Donating Sperm

Sperm donations have many benefits for both the donator and the recipient. Here are several benefits of donating sperm for both parties:

  • It allows the donors to preserve their fertility to be conceived at a later stage in life. It is usually for men who are advancing in age past their prime youth who felt that the time isn’t fitting to have children or have not found a potential spouse to conceive.
  • It allows infertile or same-sex couples the chance to conceive and be parents to healthy babies.
  • It allows couples who don’t take part in sexual intercourse to have children as they are non-invasive but still achieve pregnancy with the same qualities achieved via penetrative sex.
  • It allows the donor to father a child via a surrogate mother or third-party woman.
  • It allows men undergoing treatment or surgery that can affect their fertility to store their sperm safely for an indefinite set of time
  • It allows the donor to earn a quick monetary payment.

There are even charities that provide information and support to people looking to be donors. There are even online threads and discussion forums for listed donors to communicate and interact with one another, e.g., egg donors meeting with sperm donors.

The Bottom Line

Sperm donation can give you peace of mind since you know that they are preserved safely and can be accessed anytime you want. Keep in mind that having children is a long and challenging process, and not everyone is blessed with the ability to do so. Keep your sperm frozen while you’re young and healthy so you can schedule a better conceive date later on in life.…