3 Top Benefits of Doing Spinal Decompression Therapy

Do you feel that annoying stiffness pressured on your lower back? If you are, and you want to get rid of that pesky discomfort, then you should do Spinal Decompression Therapy. Lower back pain is one of the most common aches that adults and the elderly are suffering. Whether you’re working on the field or you’re sitting in the office, both can tax your spine and make them tighten up, creating pressure on your spinal disks that leads to that annoying pain you’re feeling in your lower back which is why you should visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor to relieve and decompress that pressure on your spine. Below we will outline several benefits of spinal decompression therapy:

Spinal Pain Relief


Most adults and the elderly are experiencing lumbar pain or discomfort that is accumulated from their day-to-day activities. These pain and discomfort can deteriorate your spinal disks in the long run, making them brittle and liable to injuries. By performing decompression on the lumbar, we can bring in oxygen and nutrient-rich fluids to help start the healing process and eventually lead to pain relief in the targeted area. This might be the best benefit of doing spinal decompression therapy.

Healthy Spinal Disks


By decompressing your spine, you are doing them and yourself a favor by promoting healthy spinal disks. The spinal decompression therapy allows oxygen-rich blood and nutrient-rich fluids to flow, thus flooding the injured area with fibroblast, which is a cell that supports healing by replacing fibrin clots with hyaluronan to help heal the injured area. You can always benefit from having healthy spinal disks because they allow you to perform mediocre physical activities and function normally.

Eliminating Nerve Pain

Spinal decompression therapy can also eliminate nerve pain in your lower back. By stretching the spinal disks, you are allowing fluids to enter the disks, thus removing the nerve pain, you have been experiencing for a temporary period but can be rewarding in the long term if you perform it frequently. Research has shown that people who decompress their spine daily can perform on a higher level physically and have a better mood.


If you are one of the adults who are experiencing spinal pain, you should visit a physiotherapist or chiropractor that can alleviate those pains and provide you temporary relief. Always consult with healthcare professionals to decide which treatment you should undergo before committing to the treatment.