Advantages of a CT Scan

A CT scan is used to take pictures of the internal parts of the body, it uses X-rays and a computer. During CT imaging, multiple images are taken by rotating an X-ray tube round tie patient to get more angles. Using ct scan Singapore services can help you to check your health.

It helps in identifying internal organs, their shapes, density, and size. With this information, it will be determined if there is any medical condition or abnormalities of the organs. It gives the most detailed and precise medical diagnosis. Here are the benefits of a CT scan.

To Determine the Need for Surgery

ct scanIn the event of an accident, doctors usually order a CT scan to check if there is any internal bleeding. If bleeding is identified an emergency surgery is necessary to stop the bleeding. It also shows the doctor exactly where to operate. The images allow doctors to plan properly for risky and delicate surgeries. The results from a CT scan may eliminate the need for surgical biopsy and exploratory surgery.

It Is Fast and Simple

In an emergency room, CT scans help save a lot of lives. It identifies injuries and internal bleeding quickly hence a patient is attended accordingly. CT scans are simple, painless, non-invasive, and accurate. It takes less than 30 minutes in an outpatient imaging center.

Useful In Oncology

Doctors’ order for CT scans to detect any type of cancer. It also shows the progress of cancer treatment and if the cancerous cells have moved to another body part. It determines if a tumor is malignant or benign.

Doctors learn about the cancer stage and the best treatment option, they will predict the recovery process. They are able to carefully plan for radiotherapy treatment and identify the right part for biopsy. For tumors, it shows the size, shape, location, and the blood vessels that feed the tumor.

ct scanner and doctor

Aids in Neurological Examination

A CT scan is a common screen testing for a neurological examination. The scan is simple, which takes around 20minutes and it is normally done in an outpatient facility or the hospital. It gives a clear image of the brain and where it has been injured or damaged. For patients who suffer from stroke, it can be used to determine if they can receive treatment to dissolve the clot.

A CT scan is useful for detecting any kind of hemorrhage in the brain. It can be used to detect other irregularities such as brain tumors, bone, and vascular abnormalities, epilepsy, head injury, cysts, and hydrocephalus. A CT scan of the spine is connected to the functions of the brain. It shows spine fractures and herniated discs.…